Berlin - Schönefeld greater airport is coming !

On behalf of an interest group of property owners in an area south from planed Berlin-Schönefeld greater airport, we are pleased to offer interested investors, both 
domestic and foreign, properties, or partial lots thereof, for purchase comprising a 
total area of roughly 150 ha (371 Acres).
The lots in question are located outside the boundaries of the area reserved for the
greater airport project.

Aiding the purchase price, these areas have not yet been considered in the planning.

Based upon projects of similar scope and location, a significant rise in property 
value is understood.

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Realtor offer-No.: 2001/GE/BWF/001

Rotberg, Kiekebusch, Karlshof

The total land 
for sale

- subject to approval -

Location: The municipalites are located in the immediate vicinity
of autobahn interchange Schönefeld (A 10/A12/A13).
This location is near the new autobahn entrance-/ exit
currently under construction for the new greater airport. 

 The total land for sale is loacted south of the boundaries
of the new greater airport, being in the hands of thirteen
property owners.
At present, the properties are being used as farmlands.

Noise stress is not to be expected for the Kiekebusch
and Karlshof districts, according to scientific studies.

Total areal: approx. 1.495.879 m²
Individual areas range from approx. 1.400 to 20.000 m² 
Purchase price: z.Zt. 18 EUR / m²
Commision: 6,9 % incl. vat, payable and due at signing of contract.
Please note: This information is made without express warranties for 
accuracy and completeness. It is subject to change.
Contact  info: BWF GmbH, Tel:(030) 296 49 90 Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr


You may request additional information by contacting us in writing.
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Please send your written
inquiry to:

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